DIY: Colourful pompon garland

DIY: Colourful pompon garland_by

Yes, it could be that I’m a fan of garlands. 🙂 Last time, I showed you how to do a paper heart garland and now it’s time for a more fluffy idea: a pompon garland. It’s a really simple DIY idea for everyone – you can even do it with your kids.

So, let’s start with what you’ll need: a sewing needle, (white) thread and colourful pompons. You can buy these in a craft store (or online).

DIY: What you´ll need for the colourful pompon garland_by

And now, you’ll just have to thread the pompons by using the needle and the thread. You can mix up the colours, like I did with my garland. Or, use one colour for e.g. four pompons and then use another colour for the next four and so on.

DIY: How to do the colourful pompon garland_by

Well, that’s it basically. You can play with the length of the thread, the colours of your pompons and different locations where to hang it. From your ceiling, chair, table or hang it on a wall or (like I did) from a mirror. That was my idea to give that big mirror a touch of colour without having to paint it.

DIY: Colourful pompon garland_by

I hope you got inspired to change your room with just a little handmade idea. 🙂

Keep on crafting,

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