Easy paintings to brighten up your home

Easy handmade paintings to brighten up your home.In the last couple of months (and years) I´ve always decorated my home with handpainted or handcrafted pictures. And for those, I used just those things I had at home. Therefore, I didn´t have to buy something special. So, have a look and be inspired 🙂 .

Paintings for those who have something to say.Do you have a statement you want to “shout out”? 😀 Why not writing it down and hang it on your wall? For the left one I just used a white paper and green acrylic paint (positioned in the bathroom). And for the right one I just cut out a circle from black paper and wrote “hello” on it with with a white chalk (it´s still on the hallway to greet the guests).

If you are one of those who can´t live without plants surrounding you, here are two ideas of having even more in your home. For the right picture I painted a palm leaf (with green acrylic paint) on a white paper.
For the left picture I had to collect some green leaves from outside, press them between two books and wait until they dried out. Afterwards I could put them in the frame.
For the left picture I used just a branch from a fern plant. And the right one is a gold spray painted picture (see the DIY here).

Painting ideas for those who love tea.I drew both of these with a black marker on white paper (now they are in the kitchen).

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