DIY: Handmade cards to send to your loved ones

DIY: Handmade birthday cards by

Yes, I have to admit – I love handmade cards. 🙂 It’s the time, effort and appreciation someone puts into the unique piece of art. And sometimes people would like to give a handmade present to loved ones but they think they are untalented. First of all, everyone has a talent. And you don’t have to be an artist or study art. You just need inspiration and the will to do something awesome.

So, here you will find some inspiration for handmade cards. All of them are easy to do and you don’t need a lot of supplies. I promise 🙂


DIY: Hearty card by

Start with choosing your paper. You can use regular paper (you use for printing) or crafting paper (which is a bit thicker). Fold it in half and cut it to the size you want. Then, start crafting with paper, scissors, glue, thread…

DIY: Birthday cards with balloons by

DIY: Blue happy birthday card by

For this birthday card I reused leftovers from gift wrapping papers. You see, an eco-friendly card. 🙂

DIY: What you´ll need for the blue happy birthday card


Another method for handmade cards is drawing or painting. If you don’t have paint colours (or you don’t want to mess around), use colouring pencils instead. For these three cards I used a black marker and colouring pencils and coloured felt pens.

Happy birthday card with colourful balloons by

DIY: Happy birthday card with candles by

DIY: Happy birthday card_painted balloons by

You see, it’s that simple. I hope I could inspire you to create your unique gift cards for your dear ones.

Have a wonderful week,

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