How to create a terrarium easily?

It ´s  time for another simple DIY idea you can do at home for your home ;). It´s a simple terrarium made with succulents and cactuses. And it´s also another episode of the makeover-project for the living room. Terrariums are a great way to bring the outdoor, indoor. It´s also a lovely handmade gift idea for all those who love to have something green around them but are afraid of letting plants die. Or what about a nice housewarming gift?

Step 1: Place the small pebbles into the jar (it will work like a filter inside the jar).

Step 2: Fill in the potting soil. You can use your small garden shovel or a spoon to do this.

Step 3: Put in the plant and cover the area around the roots with more potting soil.

Step 4: Add some sand at the top of the soil for decoration. You can also put some of the small pebbles,too.

You can add a bit of fab by spray painting your jars with gold spray paint.

All you need for this add on is a tape to cover the areas you don´t want to be sprayed on and gold spray paint (like this one on amazon).

Here are some other DIY versions with succulents in a jar

That´s all for now 🙂 . I hope you liked this DIY idea and now go ahead and start creating your own indoor garden.

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