How to make your own pictures very easily? – Part 1

Handlettered picture in a black frame

Maybe you know the problem when you want to (re)decorate a room and you need something unique for your walls. It should fit in the new style, theme or to your personality. But, you don’t want to spend a fortune for new pictures.
So, what if you create your own personalized pictures, instead? It’s really simple and not even time spending.

I want to show you in the upcoming months how easily it is to make your own art pieces. And therefore I’ll start with the simplest one: Use a marker. Yes, just a simple (black) marker. I like the black marker, because it looks great on white paper – the contrast is just perfect.

Here’s an example:

Three handpainted pictures hanging on a wallI wanted to hang my three black framed pictures side by side and therefore I needed the same style. So, I went with a minimalist theme: black on white and just a word or a picture. And that’s it.

You can get inspired by other artists or handwritings. Take some words and try to rewrite them. Or just look for symbols and draw them on white paper.


If you want more ideas for creating your own pictures, stay tuned. 🙂

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