Interior design tip #1: Keep your home minimalist

Keep your home minimalist

I’ve collected some tips over the last couple of years about interior design which helped me decorating and keeping a home confortable. I wanted to tell you some of the tips and secrets to help you, too. The first one is an easy one which might help you to keep your home minimalist and especially clutter free. I used to collect all kind things and put them everywhere there was room for. Now…a few years later and wiser 😉 I know it better. (Also keep in mind, that you have to wipe all the dust from them, too.)

So, keep it simple! You don’t have to overcrowd the room with more things. If you can’t decide which of the numerous vases or knickknacks you want to show, just change them every week or month. Store the other ones away and take them out when it’s their time.

Also, design is in the detail. And that means, that it’s not necessary that every inch of a space needs to be over designed. It’s enough when you combine two different materials or use just one specific pattern (e.g. a patterned wallpaper and keep the rest simple).


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