How to plan a 60s themed wedding?

1960 ´s wedding ideas
According to my last post about the 60s, I came up with the idea of doing some research about a specific topic: Weddings in the 60s. So, here is my summary:

The wedding dresses in the 60´s.
1960´s shoesThe low kitten heels became a classy alternative to stilettos. Therefore, this one (found on amazon) is just perfect.

My idea how you could dress up, when attending a 60s themed wedding as a guest:
60s skirt inspirations

1960 ´s nails

1960´s hair styles

1960 ´s make-upOn this, watch these videos: Mod look, Bardot look, simple 60´s look.

1960´ s flower bouquets.

orange and 1960´ s inspired wedding ideas
My idea for this style board is a collection from all of my research (and also some movies I watched). I chose orange and white as main colours and looked for some ideas on the web. But, I also came up with some ideas I made myself. When you want to see some of them, click here (it´s not just for a wedding).
And just in case you´ll need the proper music for your party, go to my spotify playlist.

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