Upcycling DIY: Handmade jewellery holder

DIY Jewellery Holder_by gardenanddecoration.com

Yes, I love a good upcycling project. And this time I wanted to create something simple to organise my jewellery.

So, I thought about the picture frame I had found a couple of days ago – without a glass. And I had the idea to give it a fresh paint and use it to display the jewellery.

Done! 🙂 I painted the picture frame with white acrylic paint and wrapped around (the inner part of the picture backside) a white cord tightly.

DIY Jewellery Holder_by gardenanddecoration.com

And that’s it. 🙂

Simple and cute solution. 0$ spent, because I reused everything (frame, colour and cord are leftovers).
Upcycling is so satisfying. Agree?


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