60s inspired wedding bouquet ideas

60s inspired bridal bouquet

This is a follow-up to my last post about the 60s wedding. One of the most important things for a bride is (beside her dress) the flower bouquet. And because not everyone wants to spend a fortune on flowers, this is a low budget arrangement idea which doesn´t look cheap. It´s my version on how a bouquet in the 60s could have looked like. I also wanted to keep the orange-white theme continuing, therefore I bought white and orange roses.

All these flowers costed around 12€ – including orange and white roses, four branches with bigger leaves and two branches of baby´s breath.

Firstly, you have to cut all the flowers down to a similar length. Use a sharp knife or garden shears.

Start with the orange roses first, by putting them in the middle in a circular way. Afterwards, you´ll have to arrange the white roses around the middle. After that, you take some branches of baby´s breath and arrange those around the white roses. In the end, you´ll have to add the four leaved branches and arrange them around the baby´s breath branches evenly. Fix this bouquet by wrapping around the ends an elastic band.

You can hide that elastic band by wrapping around a white ribbon. I also cut the ends of the flowers again to a shorter length (doing this it looks more proper). I finished the bouquet by wrapping around the white ribbon an orange one and made a bow (so that it looked cuter).

This is my idea of how a complete 60s styled wedding dress and bouquet could look like:

The short dress fits pefect to the 60s. Of course, it´s white (with an overlay of white lace). And the high waisted orange ribbon (around the waist) harmonises perfectly with the orange one from the bouquet.

And, just in case you´ll need some other handmade flower bouquet ideas in the same theme… what about one of the following ones:

For a simple bouquet with white and orange gerberas:

Click here to see the DIY tutorial on this.

For a wedding in spring with white tulips:

For this one you´ll just need orange roses, white tulips and baby´s breath branches.

For a wedding in autumn with orange asters:

Click here to see the DIY tutorial on this.

I hope you liked my handmade bouquet ideas 🙂 . Which one of them did you like most? Leave me a comment below.


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