Autumn season


Think about warm natural tones, earthy colours, a bright red-golden shimmer. These are the colours of autumn season.

People who belong to the autumn season should wear colours with a yellowish undertone. These have to be deep, clear and bright colours. Try to avoid colours with a bluish undertone, cold colour shades and pastel colours. Also no pink (it’s too intense) and black doesn’t flatter you.
What does fit you are gold, copper, brass or wooden jewellery. Try to avoid silver, platinic or white golden jewellery.

An autumn season type has a yellowish-golden skin tone and you tend to have freckles. Your hair has a warm and golden shimmer (it goes from strawberry blonde, maroon, coral-red to brown to ash blond). Your eyes could be golden brown, dark brown or green.

The following colour palette contains your autumn colours.


And now, let’s move on to your home style. What kind of interiour design do you have? With which colours do you surround yourself with?

Here are some suggestions:


Let me know in the comments below, which colours are your favourite ones and which one do you use at home.


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