Cute vintage heart stitched pillowcase

heart stitched pillowcase

When I realize that I start to get bored, I just come up with a new decor idea for my home. 😀
This time, I just wanted to do something very easy. And because I was sitting on the couch, I saw that boring looking white pillowcase. And the idea started to become reality. I made a vintage inspired heart stitched pillowcase. Vintage because of the brown coloured heart (and not classic red). It also fits perfectly to a fall look.

All you need:
* a pair of scissors
* light brown coloured sewing thread
* a sewing needle
* a piece of light brown coloured felt

I cut out the shape of a heart from the felt and stitched it to the upper part of the pillowcase. It took me just 7 minutes to finish this cute and noticeably pillow decoration.

heart stiched pillowcase_how to
Here is the next idea for the living room makeover.

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