DIY: Bloomy painting for your wall

Bloomy picture with quote of the month_by

Yesterday, I wanted to create a new painting for my wall. So, I thought to myself why not paint something with flowers. I did that in half an hour. But, when I wanted to hang it on the wall, I thought something is missing. It’s not yet finished. Yeah, and today I had a glorious idea. Why not write a quote on top of the painting? Nay, I don’t want to destroy the painting. Ok, that’s a point. And then I found some stickers with letters on it. Bingo, that’s it! And this is my finished creation. 🙂

So, if you are interested in recreating this picture, start with the painting. You’ll need: acrylic paints, brushes, water, paper and a sponge. Depending on how you want to paint your flowers, of course. (It’s not necessary to use the sponge.)

Bloomy picture_by

And now, start with one colour and paint some blossoms. You can keep it in just one colour or mix them up.

Bloomy picture_Drawing

To create a texture (like in the picture below) you just have to use a more thicker paint. Do this by tipping the brush just a little bit into water and then into the paint. Draw the petals in circular motions, starting from the outside. Therefore, you go from the outside into the inside with your brush.

Bloomy picture_Drawing_by

After finishing your painting let it dry for a couple of hours before you put it behind glass.

If you want to “write” a quote on the glass you can do it with sticky letters. I bought my bloomy sticker letters in a craft store. Another way could be, to actually write on the glass with a marker. There are special ones for writing on glass (also in craft stores or online). So, if you want your letters to be in order and in line, use a ruler to keep them in place and to keep the same distance from one word to the other.

Bloomy picture_stick letters

And here you go, a mixed media picture for your wall created by yourself. 🙂

Bloomy picture_stick letters_by

Why I chose this quote for this month? Well, because you should bloom wherever you are planted! No matter where you are, where you live or if you’re travelling around. You can grow and bloom in all circumstances and in all places.

Therefore, I wish you a lovely week all you wonderful flowers out there,


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