Exhibition of the harvest festival

I have recently visited the exhibition of the harvest festival in the Botanical Garden in Munich (Germany).
It was a special exhibition, not just because of the theme but also because of the “art pieces”. They used real vegetables, fruits, herbs and crops really beautiful arranged.
The harvest festival is an annual celebration around the world that occurs around the time of the main harvest. (It is celebrated at a different date, because not everyone has the same climate.) You can say that the harvest festival in Germany is something like Thanksgiving (except the turkey thing) and it’s not such a great feast.
Every church in Germany is decorated with products from the garden, a farm or even a bakery. Those products are donated and afterwards the food will be distributed among the poor and senior citizens.
Therefore, the Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg made this exhibition together with the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL), Freising. They showed products which grow in the area but also products which grow nowadays in Germany, but had been imported hundred years ago.
It was a really lovely arranged exhibition and something really different than the usual exhibitions you see in galleries or museums. Great work!

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