Geometrical paper heart decoration

I came up with this idea while I was thinking about the question: What can I do for wall decoration, but also fits in the 60s theme? If you have followed my 60s themed wedding posts, you know that I am doing a bigger project according to the 60s. So, this easy DIY idea would be also proper. It is kept in the white-orange color scheme, it is a heart and it has a geometrical shape. (Geometrical shapes were often used in designs in the 60s.)
This heart can also be displayed at a wall where your party will take place. Maybe, you want people to sign on that heart or leave messages for the bride and groom. And afterwards, you can hang the heart in your home to remember the day 🙂 .

What you need:
* a pair of scissors
* white and orange paper (in different tones)
* double-faced adhesive tape

Step 1: Cut out some triangles from the different colored papers.

Step 2: Arrange the triangles into a heart shape by starting at the bottom tip. You can do this on the floor. So, you still can mix the triangles how you like it. On the back side of the triangles put some tiny stripes of double-faced adhesive tape. Now, you can stick every triangle on the wall.

In the end it should look like this:

  Like this

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