How to make your own pictures very easily? – Part 2

How to make your own pictures - Part 2

In my first post about creating your own pictures for home, I told you about handwritten pictures. This time I show you a much easier way for your framed “pictures”. You need just a PC/laptop, a printer and paper of course 😉 .
Not even a special editing programme – a text writing programme is good enough.

Escap e picture in black frame

Experiment with different fonts and sizes. You can write just one word, or even a quote or a poem. Print it out and put it in a picture frame.

Believe in yourself_out of printer

Believe in yourself_with christmas lights

I like to change my pictures nearly every month, especially when I have my monthly quote framed. So, for this month I chose “Believe in yourself”, added some colourful fairy lights. They bring more bling 😉 and keep reminding me of believing more and often in myself.

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