Interior design tip #3: Give your home personality

More personality in your home.Treat your home like yourselft – the best way. If you don’t feel comfortable in your home you don’t like to be there.

Your home is not just a place to eat, sleep or study. If it’s too unlovingly you feel it, too. A home (or even just a room) can give you the feeling of comfort, safety, warmth and coziness. You can create a surrounding where this is possible.

Just give your home something of your personality – something of you. Do you like to draw? Why not hang your art pieces on the wall. Or, do you play the guitar? Hang it on your wall. You like flowers, but you don’t have a garden? Just buy some flower pots and surround yourself with those flowers you like.

Here´s an idea for someone who likes motorbikes and cars:

Do you love cars? What about showing that in your home with this idea.

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