Walking in the streets of: Malta & Gozo

In a street of a Maltese city

If you are following me via Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve posted some pictures of some beautiful places on the island of Malta. Well, officially it’s the Republic of Malta, a South European island country in the Mediterranean Sea. You can get there by plane or by ship. Your first destination might be Valletta, the smallest national capital in the European Union – by the way. 😉

Both islands, Gozo and Malta, are full of history, dating back to circa 5900 BC (therefore all the megalithic temples).
But, enough of history lesson 😀 . I want to show you some of the beautiful places and things I explored on the islands. I couldn’t resist taking hundreds of pictures. Don’t worry, I picked the best of the best for you 🙂 .

Streets of Malta

Starting with the most significant thing on the islands: their narrow, old and charming streets. Some are even filled with greenery. ♡

Streetviews from cities on Malta and Gozo (1)Streetviews from cities on Malta and Gozo (2)
From some places you can even see the blue sea. 🙂

Streetviews from cities on Malta and Gozo (3)Balconies of Malta
Exceptionally are the balconies on the islands – every tiny town has such charming, old, small, colourful, large or whatever kind of balcony. Everyone! For me it appeared that every flat – no matter how small it is – wants to have at least one balcony. Yes, I might have got obsessed with taking pictures of all of them. 😀

Balconies in Valletta, MaltaNext thing I got obsessed with: doors. In the most various styles you can imagine. ^-^ Each one is unique.

Doors of Malta and GozoNature on the islands of Malta and Gozo
Of course nature can’t be missed out. Both of the islands have a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Therefore, you’ll find some typical plants from that region – like olive trees, fig trees, carob trees, eucalyptus, acacias and some cacti species.Last but not least, a few impressions of some lovely cities on Malta and Gozo:

Buildings with greenery in Mdina, Malta
Best time to visit the islands is from May – September. Summer season, be prepared for hot climate and a lot of visitors (especially between July-August). Therefore, May and September (or even till mid of October) are the best months for travelling.

Buildings in Vittoriosa, Malta
And don’t worry, even though Malta has its own language – Maltese (the only Semitic language in the European Union) – English is the other official language they speak there.

So, there is nothing against packing your suitcase and travel to Malta. Enjoy your walks through the streets and amazing views right to the sea. 🙂 ♡

View to the blue sea from Senglea, Malta

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