Why you should have more plants in your home?

Add more greens to your room

I admit, I am a plant lady. I love flowers and all kind of green plants. The more the better. 🙂

They lift my mood and especially as a work-from-home person, they are a joy to look at when sitting at the desk.

But, are there other benefits for having indoor plants? Yes, and even scientifically proven ones. 😀

  1. Plants may help to reduce stress levels: A study showed that indoor plants can make you feel more comfortable, natural and soothed
  2. Working with plants can be therapeutic
  3. They might boost your productivity and creativity
  4. They improve the quality of the indoor air + might help you with your sleep
  5. They help relieve stress and anxiety + calm your mind
  6. They boost your mood in winter (Totally agree!)


So, there you have it – enough reasons to buy more plants? 😀 Get them!


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