Colourful autumn wall art

autumn wall decoration
Turn your wall into a special art work with this simple and colorful wall decoration idea.

Do you know those wall stickers you can buy in stores? I always say it´s so expensive and why buying it when you can do it on your own 😉 .

You´ll need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • double-faced adhesive tape
  • crape paper in the colours yellow, orange, red and brown (it´s easier to handle with)

autumn wall decoration
: Cut out the leaves from the yellow, orange and red paper. From the brown paper the trunk and the branches.

autumn wall decoration
: On the back side of those you put some tiny stripes of double-faced adhesive tape and don´t forget to move off the upper part of it.

autumn wall decoration
: Put all those together in the shape of a tree on your wall.

And your art piece is finished. 🙂

Wall Deco

Watch here the building of the tree:

Build the tree

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