Cute idea for your light backpack

hearty backpack

I love everything related to the sea! 🙂 One idea I’ve already done to show it, was my winning globetrotter mug. And today, it is time for a makeover of my small blue backpack. This is a very easy do-it-yourself tutorial.

All you need:
* a marker
* a paper
* a pair of scissors
* a brush or a small sponge
* white acrylic paint (like this one)
* a tape to fix the paper
* fabric you want to paint on
* baking paper
* flat iron

backpack DIY_what you´ll need

Use the marker to draw an anchor on the paper and cut out the parts you want to paint on your fabric.

how to paint on the backpack

Before starting the painting process, take an old newspaper or magazine and put it behind the fabric. It prevents the paint from running through. Now, use a sponge or a brush to apply the paint on the fabric. Let it dry for at least two hours.

painted backpack_how to

Afterwards, take a baking paper and put it on top of the painted fabric. Use a flat iron at the lowest level and press twice over your picture. It fixes the colour the best.

finished backpack


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