DIY: Hand painted (heart) art

DIY: Golden heart art_picture on the wall by

It’s time for another selfmade piece of art. It’s minimalist cute and easy to do. 😀 Just perfect for your wall you can create with different styles, themes and colours. Interested in other DIY art pieces? Click here, to see the other ones.

So, for this picture you’ll need:
– a brush
– paper
– black acrylic paint
– gold paint or a gold coloured pencil

DIY: Golden heart art_what you´ll need

Firstly, paint the circle with the brush. Here it’s important that the brush is not wet. It has to be dry to get the rough texture.
If it helps to stay in line, you can draw the outer lines with a pencil. After painting the circle, wait for two minutes until the colour dries.

DIY: Golden heart art_how to paint

Then, draw or paint the golden heart. To get a brighter heart you can add a secon layer of colour after the first layer dried. (Just in case the gold colour doesn’t pop out from your picture.

DIY: Golden heart art_finished picture

That’s it! Super fast and lovely piece of art. 🙂

Enjoy your week and ’till next time,

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