DIY: Lovely present wrap idea

DIY: Lovely present wrap idea_by
Does this situation sound familiar to you? You bought a present and you are nearly ready to leave the house. But, you don’t know what to do with the present. Just hand it over, put it in a basket or leave it on the doormat? 😀
Some people have difficulties coming up with a wrap idea. So, here is a simple and special DIY wrap solution. And you don’t have to be a super artist. Just a few steps to follow and voilà, you have a unique looking present. 🙂

DIY: What you´ll need_lovely gift wrapping idea

I wanted to wrap up a book. For doing this, I reused a brown wrapping paper which was a leftover from a previous present. But you can also use an old newspaper, as well. Then, I took a blue, yellow and white paper for drawing some umbels. You can also draw different blossoms, instead. Choose which one you like most and cut them out.

Afterwards, glue them on the wrapping paper. Use a black marker to draw some lines from the blossoms to the bottom. If you like, write a personal message on the wrapping paper.

Now, you can hand it over. 😉

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