DIY: Natural hair conditioner

Natural hair conditioner_vinegar

We all know at least one thing our gradma told us about taking care of your body, your health or your beauty. And this is one thing I remember until now. Almost, because she used to do this every time she washed my hair. She used vinegar. And I swear, I had the shiniest hair – ever!

It took me too long until this old fashioned, but extremely effective, way of taking care of my hair came finally back to my memory. So, this nature’s cosmetic tip of this month is – in remembrance of my dear grandma – a vinegar hair conditioner.

And all you need is vinegar (I use apple vinegar), some drops of lemon juice, a bowl, and lukewarm water. Put everything in your bowl and take it with you under the shower. Now, wash your hair the usual way you do it. Use the vinegar conditioner as last step to rinse off your hair with it. Don’t rinse this conditioner off with water! It has to be the last step before you finish.

Go ahead with your usual hair procedure (air drying, blow-drying, …).

Quick tip:

Did you know that it is easier to wash your hair
when you comb them before you wash your hair?

So, try it out and you will see the effect right after. But imagine how it will look like when you do it once per week. 🙂

Hair_illustration_by Maggy

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