Fall craft ideas to do with kids

fall craft ideasSometimes (or quite often) kids are looking for something to pass the time. And just in case you are a parent, babysitter or an aunt who has to take care – here are some ideas for crafting with kids. They are easy to make and perfect for this fall season.
Some are also perfect gift ideas just in case you´ll need something 😉 .

Leaf brownies
I like this one (and my mother, too 😀 ). You just have to cut the red caps out of paper. Same with the round white faces. Let the kids glue the caps to the faces and to draw the face on each paper. Afterwards, they can glue the heads to the leaves.
Tip: If you like having such even leaves, put them for one to two days into a book so they´ll be pressed evenly.

manschgerlStained leaf-window
For this idea you just have to pick up some leaves from outside together with the kids. Afterwards, they can stick the leaves on the window by using adhesive tape.


For this one you´ll just need paper, a glue and some leaves. Draw a tree without leaves on the paper and let them be creative. They can glue the leaves on the paper.


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