Hofgarten in Munich, Germany

The Hofgarten (Court Garden) is a garden in the center of Munich (Germany). It´s located between the Residenz and the English Garden.

It´s very easy to get there by taking the subway U3 to the station “Odeonsplatz”. Enter the garden through the gate “Hofgartentor” and you are there 🙂 .

The garden was build between 1613 and 1617 by Maximilian I., Duke of Bavaria. It should look like an Italian style Renaissance garden.

In the center of the garden is a pavilion dedicated to the goddess Diana. On its roof there is a replica of a sculpture personalising Bavaria.

Eight paths are leading away from the center. On the east side there is the “Bayerische Staatskanzlei” (the Bavarian State Chancellery).

Going back to the entrance you see paintings related to the history of Bavaria on the west and on the north walls.

During World War II the garden was destroyed, but afterwards rebuilt.

Hofgarten in Munich in spring

Nowadays the garden is open all year long and to the public.

Why I like it?

It is free and the pavilion is really pretty. There are also some benches just right to have a seat and relax a bit 😉 . Sometimes there are also people dancing or they play music. Maybe you are lucky enoug and you can listen to their music.

Hofgarten in Munich in autumn

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