How to make your own pictures very easily? – Part 3

Half moon illustration_by Maggy_from

In my last posts about making your own pictures it was all about words. Today, I want to show you another easy way to create handmade art.

For these art works all you need is a (black) marker, a pencil, white paper and a rubber.

Let’s start with this piece: It’s a half moon illustration, inspired by a tribal design.

Half moon illustration

So, the first thing you have to do first is to create a sketch with the pencil. You can always change if you don’t like the look – because you have your rubber. 😉

Then, when you are satisfied with the look, use the marker to draw the outlines and to fill the rest out.


Here´s another b&w marker drawing:

How to draw a floral picture

Click here to get to the floral drawing post.


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