Little pumpkin decoration for your home

Cute handmade decoration idea for autumnI came up with this cute DIY idea for decorating your home for this autumn.

All you´ll need:

* a small pumpkin
* a knife
* a spoon
* an empty plastic cup
Step 1: Cut the upper part off.Pumpkin deko
Step 2: Scoop the inside of the pumpkin with the spoon out.Pumpkin dekoPumpkin deko
Step 3: Cut the upper part from a plastic cup.
pumpkin deco
Step 4: Fill the small plastic cup with water and put it inside the pumpkin.
pumpkin deco
Step 5:
Put a flower in the small cup.
pumpkin deco
Step 6: Decorate the rest.

You see, it’s that easy 🙂 .
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