Make it a nice place to be

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When I first read this quote I thought to myself – that’s so true! Well, obviously it is true 😉 because your life’s in your head. But sometimes, we are not nice to ourself. We don’t talk nicely to ourself, we blame ourself and have too many negative thoughts. And I think it’s time to change your mindset.
Why not support and lift yourself, instead of downgrading yourself? Why not start saying to yourself “Yes, I am good enough, I am beautiful enough and I am worth it.”
It’s nice to be nice to other people, but it’s also great to be nice to yourself!

Therefore, I’ve created this illustration to put it on my phone and on my wall – as a reminder.

So, cheer up and treat yourself well 🙂


P.S.: If you want to download this illustration with a thoughtful quote, click on this link.


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