Potatoes au gratin: a different recipe

Potatoes au gratin recipeI love cheese and I also love potatoes. Therefore, the au gratin recipe has to be one of my favourite. Furthermore, it’s the perfect simple side dish for any type of meal and easy to make. I´ve changed the recipe a bit by adding beetroot, too.

Ingredients you’ll need:
– 3 tablespoons of butter
– 3 tablespoons of all-purpose flour
– 1/2 teaspoons of salt
– 1/8 teaspoons of nutmeg
– 3 cups of milk
– 2 cups of shredded (cheddar) cheese
~ 6 potatoes
– 1 beetroot
– 1 baking dish

Step 1: Peel the potatoes and the beetroot and slice them as thinly and uniform as possible.
Step 2: Put all the slices in a large saucepan, add some water and let it boil for around 15 minutes.
Step 3: In another saucepan, whisk together the milk, salt, nutmeg and flour until smooth. Bring the mixture to boil and cook it until its thickened.
Step 4: Preheat the oven to 200°C.
Step 5: Butter the inside of your baking dish.
Step 6: Arrange some of the potato and beetroot slices (edges overlapping) in two layers on the bottom of the baking dish.

Potatoes au gratin recipe

Step 7: Pour 1/4 of the milk mixture over top.
Step 8: Repeat with the remaining potato and beetroot slices, cheese and milk mixture by forming four layers. Pour any leftover cream over top.
Step 9: Now, place in the oven and bake it for ~50 minutes. If you like, you can cover it up with a foil or a lid. Check if the potato/beetroot slices are tender by piercing a knife into them.
Potatoes au gratin recipeStep 10: Sprinkle cheese on top over the potatoes and the beetroot. And put the baking dish back into the oven for around 10 minutes.
Potatoes au gratin recipeLastly, let the dish cool down a bit until it’s ready to be served. bon appetit

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