Quick tips for pot plants at autumn season

Quick tip for pot plants on your balcony
Some pot plants don’t support the cold weather. So, if you have plants on your balcony and you want to keep them for next years, here are some quick tips to follow. Of course, this tips are for those who have winter temperatures around zero and below. 😉
Autumn season is the time to prepare your pot plants for overwinter survival. Those who are winterproof should stay outside (e.g. rhododendron or bamboo). But a lot are not winterproof and need to be brought inside.

Green plant in a pot illustration
Those are mostly tropical and Mediterranean plants like hibiscus, bougainvillea, fuchsia or rosemary. Bring them inside. Tropical plants need bright and moderate warm rooms (best case a greenhouse). But a warm living room is as well good enough, according to my experience. The other ones should be brought into a cooler room which has a room temperature between 18-20°C.
Green plant in a pot illustration2
Take into consideration, that the plants you bring in your home (from your balcony) don’t need too much water during winter season. Just enough that the roots don’t dry out. And take the dead leaves away.

Quick tip for pot plants on your balcony2

That’s it. I hope these tips are useful for you.

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