A visit to an interior design pop-up store

This week I could finally manage to visit the Westwing pop-up store in Munich. It opened a few weeks ago and it will stay opened until 30.12.2017.
I was curious because I´ve never been to a pop-up store before. Therefore, I couldn´t imagine what to expect.
Firstly, I have to admit, that it is kind of visiting any other furniture store (e.g. Ikea). Except it´s not so huge and you can see that the stylists put in effort and and an eye for details (and a lot of bling and gold).
But, I liked how the furniture and the accessories matched together. Even the show windows have been arranged really lovely. And all the small and cute decoration objects were an eye catcher – really good dislayed.
I think I’ ve collected some inspiring ideas what DIY projects I can do next 🙂 .
If you want to visit the pop-up store, it´s here (open from 10am-8pm).

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