Wendy’s Secret Garden, Sydney

Wendy´s Secret Garden, Sydney, Australia

Wendy’s Secret Garden is not a secret place anymore since it’s open to the public. Nevertheless, it feels like a hidden place within the city of Sydney. It is also hidden among the Lavender Bay Parklands, with a great view right to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 🙂 And because there are no signs which guide you to this place, it’s still a secret and not too overcrowded.

1992 after Wendy Whiteley lost her husband (Australian artist Brett Whitely), she had begun to transform a derelict train yard space into a beautiful place. For more than 25 years she and two gardener have planted exotic and native plants and herbs to landscape the area. You feel like beeing in a special place. 🙂

Wendy´s Secret Garden, Sydney, Australia

There are winding paths to guide you up and down the place and you can sit down on one of the benches or chairs and have a rest (or a picnic). Between the sitting accommodations, the farns, flowers and shady figs, you’ll also find sculptures dotted around the garden. Most of these artworks have been donated by local artists.

Wendy´s Secret Garden, Sydney, Australia

To find out more about this amazing garden, go to Wendy’s website.

Why I like it?
Doubtless, the majestic view! It’s always open and the entry is free. And you can have picnic here between the trees – with this view: 🙂

Wendy´s Secret Garden, Sydney, Australia
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