DIY: Colourful pine cone ornaments

Colourful pine cone ornaments

You might also know that phenomenon when you see something and it stays in your head for weeks or even months. And you say to yourself, oh yeah, one day I’ll try that out. So, here I am … trying something out I saw some months ago (well, maybe it was last year) 😀 .

This is a super easy and cute DIY idea (you could also make together with kids). So, if you also like colourful decoration and in this case ornaments, try it out – as soon as possible. Christmas is right at the corner 😉 .

All you’ll need:
* pine cones
* tiny colourful pom poms (I bought them in a craft store)
* glue
* ribbon

What you´ll need for the colourful pine cone ornaments

Take one pine cone and add a dab of the glue to one “branch” of it. Right after that, stick one of the tiny pom poms onto the dab. Wait for some seconds and repeat the procedure for every “branch” and every one of the pine cones.

Of course, you don’t have to add a pom pom to each “branch”. It’s all up to you how many of them you want to add.

How to make the colourful pine cone ornaments (1)

After waiting for some minutes – so that the glue can set completely – you can take the ribbon and tie it around the end of the pine cone.

How to make the colourful pine cone ornaments (2)

I also put some dabs of glue on top of the knot and on the pine cone, because I was not sure if the ribbon stays in place. Good choice!

How to make the colourful pine cone ornaments (3)

And that’s it. Well done. Now you have your own handmade ornaments. 🙂


PS: They are also perfect to hang them outside on a tree. 😉

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