DIY: Homemade peel-off mask

Natural peel off mask_egg_illustration by Maggy from

Yes! I have finally found a DIY face mask which is really efficient. A peel-off mask you can easily do at home which removes blackheads.

You’ll need just an egg, a small bowl and a tissue paper.

Firstly, separate the egg white and the egg yolk. Put the egg white in your bowl and apply it on your cleaned skin. Then, place a tissue paper on the spots you put the egg white on. Afterwards, apply another coat of egg white on top of the tissue.

Wait until the tissue dries out and remove it in an upward direction from the face.

Homemade peel-off mask_peeled off

And voilà, you feel the smoothness of your skin just after this procedure.

White egg illustration_by Maggy from


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