DIY ideas for phone case makeover

I had the idea of changing the look of my phone. But, I didn´t want to spend a lot and it also should be done in a few minutes. And of course, easy to change. Therefore, I looked around my home to see what I could use – and I have found something 🙂 .
I want to show you what I came up with – maybe you´ll get inspired by one of the following ideas.

Use (gift) wrapping paper

My all time favourite when it comes to create something special. It´s not just useful to wrap prasents, you can also use them for a shelf makeover, to decorate a wall, revamp an empty tissue box. And of course, use it to change the look of your mobile phone.

All of the ideas above were made the same way.
So, you´ll need a pair of scissors, a pencil, wrapping paper and your phone case (the best is the transparent one).
Take your phone case and draw the outline with your pencil. Afterwards, cut it out and look if it fits the inside of your phone case (if not, make some adjustments by cutting a bit more). Last but not least, use your phone case again and draw the outline of the camera hole. You can cut this out with your nail scissors – or if you have a special small paper pair of scissors. Now, you can lay the paper inside your phone case and you have a cool and new look 🙂 .


Take leaves from outside and spray paint them golden

This ideas takes a little bit of preparation, because you have to collect some leaves and press them between some heavy books. Let them dry for about 2-3 days. Afterwards, prepare the place you want to spray paint your leaves on by laying some old newspapers on the floor. (Do this outside – not in your home!) Now, you can spray paint the leaves and wait for around half an hour. Check if the paint is dry before you put the leaves in your phone case.


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