Greenery Advent calendar

Advent calendar ideaThis is an easy to do idea for an Advent calendar which is also unusual. I used a wire basket for storing the 24 presents and some evergreens to cover it up.
How to make a green Advent calendarTo bind the evergreens on the basket I used green colored binding wire.
How to make a green Advent calendarI finished the look with some twigs from a hawthorn bush. The red fruits are a perfect contrast to the evergreens.
How to make a green Advent calendarI didn’t want to cover the bottom part of the basket, because it should be placed on a wooden side table and I wanted to keep it even.
How to make a green Advent calendarFor the number plates I used just regular white paper and cut some circles out. With a red marker I painted some lines along the outline and with a black marker I wrote the numbers.How to make a green Advent calendarAfterwards, I wrapped the presents in white wrapping paper and glued the number plates on the presents. I put some of the presents inside an envelope. Those presents are, for example: poems, pictures or gift cards.
How to make a green Advent calendar

And that is my easy to do and unique Advent calendar idea. I hope you got inspired and you make your own unique one 🙂 .

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