Helpful closet and clothes hacks to stay organized

closet hacks you should know
We all have one common problem when it comes to clothes: Too many and nothing to wear! 😀 Sometimes it helps when we try to be more organized and sort things out we don’t longer need. If you are struggling with clutter, read here about my 365 days challenge. It helped a lot!

Space and organizing

Some might have a problem with finding enough space where to store your stuff, especially if you live in a small appartment. So, here is an easy tip for you: try to find a place at home which you could use. I transformed this small corner into a wardrobe. The shelf above was already there, just added some hooks for hanging hangers. I bough a small curtain pole at a hardware store together with some hooks and a curtain from Ikea. I put it as high as possible, so that the curtain can hide everything what’s behind. And voilà – you have more space. 🙂

storage room hidden with curtain
Another quick tip for your wardrobe is also very helpful to save space. Next time you want to throw a soda can away, take the pull ring off and reuse it with your coathangers.

soda pop-tab for hangers
Also, folding your T-shirts and tops properly saves so much space. If you have just a small cupboard, try to fold them smaller and instead of stacking them above each other, put one behind the other one.

folding t-shirts and tops saves storage space

For those of you who have too much jewellery here´s a great tip, how you can store all the necklaces in one place.

DIY: jewellery storage
And for the smaller pieces, what about a simple decorated plate? This idea is perfect for your daily used pieces.

jewellery organization
Care of the clothes

If you want your pullover lint-free, use a clean shoe sponge and rub the lints off.

cleaning a pullover

Next time you want to wash your jeans and you haven’t heard this tip before, turn your jeans inside out. It helps retaining the colour and your jeans last longer. 😉

how to wash jeans


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