How to clean silverware

How to clean silverware?Now it´s the right time to clean your silverware before Christmas holidays 😉 (just in case you need some of your precious silverware).
So, here is a simple trick how you can clean silver tarnish. I tried it out and it really worked.

All you´ll need:
* your silverware a bowl or a pot
* aluminium foil
* salt
* one tablespoon of baking soda
* half a cup of wine vinegar
* boiled water

How to clean silverware?

Put the aluminium foil on the bottom of the pot/bowl and add some salt and a table spoon of baking soda.
Add some boiled water and half a cup of wine vinegar and put your silverware into the pot/bowl. Make sure that each piece touches the aluminium foil.

How to clean silverware?And yes, the bigger pieces like this teapot should be turned around so that the other side touches the aluminium foil, too.
Wait around 40-60 minutes until you take the pieces out. The bigger they are the more they need to stay in the water. (For your jewellery 15 minutes are ok.)
Use a microfibre cloth to dry the pieces.

How to clean silverware?*shiny silverware* 🙂


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