How to clean wooden furniture?

You might have some wood furniture in your home, too. But do you know how to clean it? I usually just wipe the dust of, but I was curious about some other techniques you can use to maintain them.
So, here are some tips I´ve found out.
It is not necessary to clean them up every week. You can use a microfiber cloth on which you spray a litte bit of water on the surface. Now, you can wipe the dust up. You can do this every second week (or if you are not too fussy, it´s ok to do it once per month). But, be careful with unfinished wood, because this will absorb moisture. Therefore, use just a dry microfiber cloth.
Here is simple and cheap wood polisher recipe:
Add one tablespoon of castile soap and four drops of essential oil in a spray bottle. Afterwards, add 1/2  cup of lemon juice and shake the bottle. Now, spray some of the mixture on a soft cotton cloth and apply it in circular motions to the wood furniture. The oil will moisturize the wood. Be careful and don´t use it too often (once per month is perfect), otherwise it will create a sticky buildup which attracts dirt and dust. You can keep the bottle in your fridge if you don´t use it up right away.
To prevent the wood furniture (and floors) from scratches, make sure that you add some felt pads on the bottom and also on decoration objects which are too sharp. And don´t put your wood furniture right near a heater or radiator. By doing this it will help your furniture to stay in good shape.


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