How to draw a diamond heart?

DIY: Hand drawn heart_by Maggy from

When I drew this heart in this style, I just wanted to take a break and do some freestyle sketching. You know like back in those days you’had been at school and you were bored. 😀 Well, I finished it in ten minutes. But, while I was drawing with different blue and green coloured pencils, I realized a much deeper sense for this drawing. Therefore, I called this piece of art “wholeness”.

So, if you like to draw this really easy to do artwork, as well – I’ll give you a great tip. Firstly, use a dark marker and draw the outline and inlines of the heart (like shown in the picture below).

How to draw the diamond heart_by Maggy from

Then, use that paper and put it under a blank paper. This blank paper is your actual drawing papier. Now you can draw a geometric shape one by one. This is helpful, because otherwise you have to draw the shapes with a crayon first and then erase the crayon lines. By using this technique you leave the erasing part out. 😉

In the end frame your new artwork with a simple frame.

How to draw the diamond heart_by Maggy from

Well, maybe you are wondering why I called this artwork “wholeness”. Let me explain. By definition wholeness means: The state of forming a complete and harmonious whole. And it’s also the state of being unbroken or undamaged.

Well, we all get broke and damaged when we grow older. We get our scars and wounds and life lessons. But, the most important part, of this so called life, is to get out of your negative mindset. And to not treat yourself like the victim of your life. Put yourself together – piece by piece. And you will be whole again. Yes, even with your scars, you are still whole – no matter what!

And keep this in mind: You, in all your wholeness are so much stronger than being broke and in pieces. 💪😊


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