How to hide a small storage place simply?

How to hide a small storage place simply

Here is a quick and simple tip in case you have a storage place like this one you can see in the picture. You know those small corner in the house you want to hide. 😉

So, here are two ideas I tried out to hide one of those corners. Yes, I used fabric for this project. The first idea was a nearly transparent fabric which used to be part of a curtain. After I fixed it with a stapler i realised that it doesn’t really hide what’s behind. It might be a better idea to use such a fabric, for instance, to cover an open wardrobe.

The secend idea was more useful in my case. I used an opaque fabric I once bought to cover a armchair (and never startet that project 😀 ). I bought a flexible short curtain rod and some rings and hang the fabric like a curtain from up to down. 🙂

How to hide a small storage place simply_ideas

One problem solved 😀

Stay inspired and ’till next time,

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