Small bathroom makeover with storage solutions

bathroom makeover

From time to time I´m so fed up of having too much stuff. And then, I start to get rid of my it, to throw something away or try to find a storage solution. And that is how it came, that the bathroom was ready for a change 😀 . After doing all the cleaning (even the windows), I wanted to reduce all of my stuff and put them in a place where I can find them easily.

First, I started with the sink cabinet. Even the small space between the cabinet and the sink is good enough to store some towels. By rolling them up you can put more then just one and you can play with their sizes.bathroom makeover On one of the cabinet doors (inside) I stuck some reusable adhesive blobs. On them I could stuck some small magnets. And those were perfect to hang all the small metallic objects, like nail scissors and tweezers.
storage solutions for the bathroomThe cotton rounds are beeing kept in a jar with a lid and the toilet paper is stored inside a white fabric basket (which is right near the toilet).
towels in a basketI store all the guest towels inside a big basket – also rolled up to save some space. It looks really cute 🙂 .
storage solutions for the bathroomI used this trick to organize the cable from my curler: an empty loo roll – really handy! And to store all the hair products, I took a small basket and put everything inside it.
Baskets are, by the way, one of the best storage solutions. They are handy, they look nice, you can arrange them together and you can also change their look. I did this with the small round shaped basket. I painted the lower part with acrylic paint. Now, it has a unique look and reminds me of the sea.
storage solutions for the bathroomI used a rectangular basket to store all my cosmetics. Also, again with a little help of empty glasses and jars. Now everything is kept in their place.
storage solutions for the bathroomThis idea is also an eye catcher: Put your mouthwash into an empty bottle. It looks interesting and anything but ordinary (especially when it’s colored).
artwort in bathroomAnd yes, art pieces can´t be missed – even in the bathroom. I used the small space inside the wall to arrange some vases and a picture frame. I change the paintings once per month. They keep me motivated or just make me smile 🙂 .
plants in bathroomAnd yes, never forget to add some plants! Succulents are great for the bathroom and also ivy plants (Hedera helix), or just some leaves arranged in a jar.

And that was another makeover story. If you want to read more about my other projects, click here.

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