Sweet Advent wreath for sweet tooth

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sweet Advent wreathYes, it´s Christmas time again and some of us like it just because there are a lot of sweet things to eat 😀 . So, why not create an Advent wreath with some of those sweets? I chose candy canes to decorate the handmade wreath. I just took a flexible branch as the base for this wreath.
sweet Advent wreathYou´ll also need some small evergreens, a pliable wire (green colored), garden shears, ribbons and some sweets.

sweet Advent wreathAround the flexible branch wrap around some small evergreens (1-2 small branches). Fix them by wrapping around the green colored pliable wire. Now, use the ribbon and wrap it around the wreath.
I wanted to hang the wreath on the ceiling light and used therefore some more of the pliable wire to fix it. Last but not least, decorate the wreath with sweets. I used four candy canes instead of candles 😀 . (Well, also because of the safety.)

In case you have some leftovers, what about a sweet wall decoration?
framed evergreen

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