A visit to a reconstructed ancient village

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the late antique reconstructed village of a Bajuwaric tribe (and also since I have written about a new travel story). The Baiuvarii lived between the times of the late antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. This tribe used to settle in the region between Bavaria (yes, therefore the name Baiuvarii) and Austria.  And here at the open air museum Bajuwarenhof near Munich, you can visit an ancient village of this tribe.

Archaeologists tried to reconstruct a small village of that tribe and their aim is to show the visitors how people used to live in those days (website of the museum).

You can enter (nearly) all houses and see how they were built. If you are on a guided tour you will learn how the Baiuvarii produced their food and what they used to eat. But, also how they slept on a self build bed and that the huge oven was the most important thing in the household.
In the garden of the “village” you can actually see what kind of plants and fruits they used to grow (e.g. parsley and rosemary). Especially, in the summer season it´s most interesting to see everything in bloom 🙂 .

Why I like it?
Well, I am interested in history and therefore it was great to see “real history” coming to life and to explore such a reconstructed site. It is also nice to learn and to see how other people used to live back in history, compared with nowadays. The garden was my highlight, of course. You can see which specific plants they knew and they are the same we use nowadays. If you are on a guided tour you can also try to mill flour with an ancient hand mill and watch how bread was baked in those times. Sometimes they have special events where the organizers wear such clothes, people used to wear back in the ancient time.

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