My article in the German Homes & Gardens magazine

German Homes&GardensYes, I had the opportunity to write for the German Homes and Gardens magazine – two articles 🙂 . The first one was about new products for the new season (winter/spring).
German Homes&Gardens my articlesAnd the second one was about gemstone colored products. The different colors and tones of gemstones are a trend for this winter season. You can play with furniture or accessories. But, don´t combine too many colors. Just one eye catcher is enough.
German Homes&Gardens my articles

And because I have my personal favourites, I want to show you two of the products from the articles:
Y5 chair from Hans K and Baroko wine carafe from ARTELThe ash black Y5 chair from Hans K is designed by Sami Kallio. This chair would be perfect for Scandinavian fans, not just because it’s a Swedish furniture company, but also because of the design. It is functional, stylish, simple and comfortable. Imagine it with a lambskin as a cushion to keep you warm. (I would love to have it as my office chair 🙂 .) The special feature about this chair is that you can customize it. You can choose between different colours and create your own chair by combining a base and a seat you want. By the way, the Y5 is winner of the German Design Award 2018. (To read more about the company, click here.)

The second product is from a Czech artisan company which specialized in handcrafted Bohemian crystal glassware. The designer Karen Feldman found ARTĚL 1998. The red coloured wine carafe is from the Baroko series. The pieces look anything but modern. They are kept in a traditional design which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s in Bohemia. All the glassware is mouth-blown and hand-engraved by artisans, which use old production methods. This wine carafe caught instantly my attention, not just because of the bold colour. Also because of the technique. It reminded me of the glassware my dad used to make (he was a glassblower in his early years). And it is really amazing how fragile such an art piece is and how careful you have to work. Really beautiful piece!
(To read more about the company, click here.)


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