Cute DIY idea: hanging clouds mobile

DIY Hanging clouds

Head in the clouds? 😀 Not really, I just wanted to create something fluffy to hang on a wall or on a lamp. So, I came up with this cute idea: hanging clouds. It is, by the way, a great idea for a nursery to hang above the bed. 🙂

What you’ll need:

DIY: What you´ll need for hanging clouds

Start with the cotton wool and rip off some pieces. I started with a smaller piece just to see if it works well and then went on to the bigger ones. Create a cloudlike shape with the pieces.

Afterwards, take the string and the needle and stitch the cloud.  Don’t forget to create a loop for hanging them up. (I took a branch for hanging all three clouds.)

DIY: How to do hanging clouds


^-^  If you want a more colorful version, click here for another post.


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