DIY: Handmade mini wreath for a candle

DIY_Candle X-mas decoration with fir twigs_by gardenanddecoration

It’s wreath time 😀 again. Well, it’s that time of the year when some people go out for a walk just to bring home some fir branches, because you have soooo many ideas what you could do with them. 😉

So, here is one of those ideas – a simple and cute DIY wreath to decorate a candle. What you’ll need is a pair of scissors, some fir twigs, a thin wire and some flowers/fruits or whatever you want to use as add-on.

DIY_What you´ll need for candle X-mas decoration

Start by creating a ring out of the wire. This forms your base and you use it to fix the twigs on it. Use one or two twigs and fix them by wrapping wire around their ends. Don’t cut it yet. Take again some twigs and put them above the ends of the previous fixed twigs. So that the new twigs cover up the ends of the last twist. Then, wrap more wire around the ends.
Repeat this process. If you like you can add some fruits/flowers to this wrapping process.

DIY_Candle X-mas decoration_by gardenanddecoration

And here it is: Your mini fir wreath. 🙂

Enjoy creating,

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