DIY: Handmade mistletoe wreath

Mistletoe wreath_by gardenanddecoration

When I went out for a walk in the forest, I found this: 😀


Of course I took it with me back home to make something out of this huge mistletoe. And because I am a huge fan of wreaths, I came up with an alternative idea for the winter season: a mistletoe wreath.

Mistletoe wreath_what you´ll need

You’ll need: mistletoe, pliable wire (I used one in green colour), garden shears and a wired hanger.

And here are the steps you have to do to get the circular wreath:
(Use a pair of gloves for your own safety. 😉 )

Circular hanger wreath

After you have formed the circular wreath, take 1-2 small mistletoe twigs and lay it on top of the wire ring. Use the pliable wire to bundle the twigs with the wire ring. Repeat this procedure with each twig.

Mistletoe wreath_how to tie

Here is a picture how your wreath should look like from the back side and from the front side:

Mistletoe wreath_front and back side

On the front side of my handmade wreath I wanted to add some fancy things, so I used white dried flowers and beads. The beads, because the natural fruits of the mistletoe are white, too. 😀

So, for fixing the beads I used a silvery pliable wire. And yes, it works just with those beads which have a hole in the middle.

Mistletoe wreath with beads

And this is the finished wreath:

Finished mistletoe wreath_by gardenanddecoration


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