DIY: Handy upcycling project for your desk

DIY_Handy desk helper_by Maggy_from

And here we go – next idea in the “keep-me-organized” challenge 😀 . For a few weeks I’ve been thinking about finding a solution for the printing paper stack. And finally I found the answer in this handy helper.

It looks like from the 60s 😀 and I wanted to give it a new look. So, the new upcycling DIY idea was born. And therefore I used an old wrapping paper with a patern (which might have existed in the 60s as well 😉 ) to cover the original holder. You’ll also need a brush, a pair of scissors and mod podge (you can use a regular glue as well).

DIY_Handy desk helper_what you´ll need_by Maggy_from
Start with gluing one side of the helper by applying glue on the surface. Then, stick the paper on that side. Wait until it dries and then repeat the process with the next side.


Stay organized and ’till next time 🙂 ,

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