Draw a zentangle design for a notebook

New designed notebook_finished product_gardenanddecoration

Recently I stumbled upon the trend design called “zentangle”. It is a simple drawing where you repeat lines, curves, dots and circles in a more or less random manner. This style was created by Rick Roberts, a former monk, and the artist Maria Thomas. They combined meditation and art.

So, I wanted to beautify an old notebook of mine and also to try this style of drawing. Well, looks like a good plan to combine the two things, too. 😅

What you’ll need: a black marker, a notebook, glue and white paper. That’s all!

New designed notebook_what you´ll need_gardenanddecoration

Use your black marker and start your picture with one simple circle. From that circle ongoing you fill out all the blank space with different, crazy, unrealistic designs. Don’t think too much – go with the flow. Repeat your shapes if you like or create each time a different one. I chose a floral/plant theme, so I drew a lot of petals and circles.

New designed notebook_drawing_gardenanddecoration

After you have finished your piece of art, let it dry for around 10 minutes. Otherwise your drawing could smear over while gluing. Then, you can glue the paper on the notebook. Cut off the paper parts you don’t need anymore (if your notebook is too small for the paper).

New designed notebook_finished look_gardenanddecoration

And that’s your redesigned and beautified notebook.

So, go ahead and try it out. And remember, it might have a meditational impact on you. 😉


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